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And without any further ado, And You Call Yourself A Scientist is proud to announce that the Top Ten Most Odious Odious Comic Reliefs© Of All Time are:

  1. 1.      Jar Jar Binks

  2. 2.      Jar Jar Binks

  3. 3.      Jar Jar Binks

  4. 4.      Jar Jar Binks

  5. 5.      Jar Jar Binks

  6. 6.      Jar Jar Binks

  7. 7.      Jar Jar Binks

  8. 8.      Jar Jar Binks

  9. 9.      Jar Jar Binks

  10. 10.  Jar Jar Binks

Alas, yes, so it was. My attempt to identify the Ten Most Odious Odious Comic Reliefs© turned out to be a one-Gungan race.

While Jar Jar’s, uh, “triumph” wasn’t all that unexpected, the outpouring of loathing that accompanied the voting was rather startling. I can do no better, I think, than to quote directly from the e-mail I received from correspondent Jon Hedquist, who spoke for almost everyone with an indignation bordering upon the poetic:

“Howhowhow could George Lucas have made this decision? Is this his tragic flaw? Hmmmm... like Gloucester blind to the troubles posed by his bastard son, GL (those letters again!) couldn't see that his unnatural creation would be his downfall? (Hey! ‘Gloucester’ is VERY close to an anagram of ‘George Lucas’!) Anyway, JJB is without a doubt the past, present, and future champion worst Odious Comic Relief. As Ben Jonson supposedly said of Shakespeare: ‘Not for an age, but for all time’.”

However, dominant as Jar Jar proved to be, there were other nominations that moved my readers to almost as much anger and disgust. In fact, as my survey continued, an interesting behavioural pattern began to emerge, with the vast majority of voters starting out by announcing, “JAR JAR BINKS!!” – and then adding, “And you know who else drives me crazy…?” It was these “who else”-s that turned out to be the most interesting part of the survey; and that allowed me to put together:

The Odious Runners-Up