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While some of my correspondents nominated a single actor in a single performance, others revealed an abiding hatred for certain actors no matter what they were doing. Namely:

  1. 1.      Rob Schneider in anything

  2. 2.      Marlon Wayans in anything

  3. 3.      Any of the Wayans family in anything*

  4. 4.      Adam Sandler in anything

  5. 5.      Matthew Lillard in anything [YES!!]

  6. 6.      Eddie Deezen in anything

  7. 7.      The “practical joker” in any slasher film

(*While I understand the feelings that prompted this vote, I find myself inclined towards the role of apologist, purely because of my abiding love for I’m Gunna Git You, Sucka. What went wrong…?)

Another interesting aspect of this survey was the discovery that you don’t have to be human to be Odious. (Well – actually, I guess a glance up this page would have told us that….) Click forward to learn just who are:

The Most Odious Non-Human Comic Reliefs© Of All Time