Every film has one. Sometimes they're brilliant, sometimes just mystifying, sometimes so stupid you can't believe someone got paid for thinking it up.

WE DARE YOU TO SEE IT ALONE! Each chilling moment a shock-test for your shock-endurance!
The Abominable Snowman (1957)

Love slaves of Satan tortured to blood dripping death!
Asylum Of Satan (1972)

A hidden shame out in the open - and the most terrifying rock-bottom a woman ever hit for love!
The Bad Seed (1956)

A tisket, a tasket - what's in the basket?
Basket Case (1982)

We were cut apart. AND NOW - we're together again!
Basket Case 2 (1990)

Hail Caesar - Godfather of Harlem! The cat with the .45 caliber claws!
Black Caesar (1973)

If this picture doesn't make your skin crawl - it's on too tight!
Black Christmas (1974)

Bloodsucker! Deadlier than Dracula! Warm young bodies will feed his hunger and hot, fresh blood his awful thirst!
Blacula (1972)

A red-hot mob of rambunctious tiger kittens on the prowl! 
Blast-Off Girls (1967)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water - you can't get to it!
Blood Beach (1980)

Begins where Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man left off!
Blood Drinkers (1966)

A weird, grisly, ancient rite horrendously brought to life in BLOOD COLOR!
Blood Feast (1963)

SEE: the flesh-eating cannibal women! SEE: the iron tourniquet that screws your brain! SEE: the living dart board! SEE: the orgy of screaming virgins! SEE: the sickness that will make you retch!
Bloodsucking Freaks (1978)

Cemeteries raided, children slain for bodies to dissect! Unthinkable realities and unbelievable FACTS of the dark days of early surgical research EXPOSED IN THE MOST DARING SHRIEK-AND-SHUDDER SHOCK SENSATION EVER BROUGHT TO THE SCREEN!
The Body Snatcher (1945)

It isn't science, it's madness!
The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1959)

In the privacy of a girls' school, he sought his prey - turning innocent beauty into a thing of unspeakable horror!
Brides Of Dracula (1960)

It's as big as Broadway, and twice as gay!
Broadway Melody Of 1940

In the tradition of Friday The 13th Part 2  and Oklahoma! -- comes the first intelligent film about canniballism! 
Cannibal! The Musical (1996)

She was a stranger among the living....
Carnival Of Souls (1962)

They came to conquer the young, so innocent, so DEADLY!
Children Of The Damned (1964)

Drenched in crimson color! A bloodspattered study in the macabre!
Color Me Blood Red (1965)

Don't disturb Ethel - she already is!
Crazy Fat Ethel II (1985)

SEE staked girl menaced by giant python!
Creatures The World Forgot (1971)

When Selleck meets Satan, the sparks really fly!
Daughters Of Satan (1972)

When there's no more room in Hell....the Dead will walk the Earth!
Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Fear so intense it will stay with you to the grave - and beyond!
Dead And Buried (1981)

Pretty Sally Mae died a very unnatural death - but the worst hasnít happened to her yet!
Deranged (1974)

Sharp fanged, bloodsucking DEATH dives from midnight skies!
The Devil Bat (1940)

Heaven help us all when....
The Devil's Rain (1975)

Heís a depraved, sadistic rapist - a bloodthirsty, homicidal killer - and he makes house calls!
Dr Butcher, M.D. (1982)

WARNING! The sexual transformation of a man into a woman will actually take place before your very eyes! PARENTS! Be sure your children are sufficiently mature to witness the intimate details of this frank and revealing film.
Dr Jekyll And Sister Hyde (1971)

The future is cancelled.
The Final Programme (1973)

Foxy's in gather 'round and watch a real shake down. 'Cause she's got that drive and that ain't jive. She don't bother to bring 'em back alive! Don't mess aroun' with....
Foxy Brown (1974)

A terrifying tale of sluts and bolts!
Frankenhooker (1990)

Jane Russell in 3-D! It'll knock both your eyes out!
The French Line (1954)

Godzilla - King Of The Monsters (1956)

Pollution's hideous spawn dooms the Earth to choking horror!
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (1971)

See it....before it sees you! 
The Ghoul (1974) 

Think you've seen blood and gore? Think you've seen wild, way-out humor? Think you've seen stomach-retching mutilation? YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
The Gruesome Twosome (1966)

She stole his heart. They stole his kidney. Now he wants them back
The Harvest (1993)

The candle of his lust burnt brightest in the shadow of the grave!
The Horrible Dr Hichcock (1962)
His secret was a coffin called DESIRE!
The Horrible Dr Hichcock (1962)

Possession is nine-tenths of the law! 
House Of Exorcism (1973)

Wecome to BLOODHOUSE - where a woman's scream means no escape! The blood will haunt your nightmares forever! The slaughter never stops at....
The House Where Death Lives (1981)

Will sexy girls overrun the country? Production-line instant women who do things even Casanova never dared hope for. In eye-popping color!
The wildest invention since The Pill: beautiful, voluptuous robots programmed for one purpose: SEX! SEX! SEX!
How To Make A Doll (1968)

Body of a boy! Mind of a monster! Soul of an unearthly THING!
I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (1957)

They planted the living and harvested the dead!
Invasion Of The Blood Farmers (1972)

Every man its prisoner! Every woman its slave!
It Conquered The World (1956)

It blows the lid off terror!
The Jar (1984)

Only the monster she made could satisfy her strange desires!
Lady Frankenstein (1971)

For God's sake - take the stairs!
The Lift (1983)

SEE! BLOOD-BEASTS battling over female flesh! TORTURE PITS for forbidden lovers! SACRIFICE to giant jaw-snapping mollusks! HELPLESS BEAUTIES attacked by crazed kelp-monsters! ESCAPE from floating death ship! FIERY DESTRUCTION of The Lost Continent! A Living Hell That Time Forgot!
The Lost Continent (1968)

The finishing school where they really DO finish you!
Lust For A Vampire (1970)

Science has not solved all the riddles of the universe!
Mask Of Satan (1960)

Hell hath no fury like a psycho hippo with a heavy machine gun!
Meet The Feebles (1989)

A man so evil...his face could stop a heart!
Mr. Sardonicus (1961) the devil's love lab!
 Monstrosity (1964)

It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincentís fritters!
Motel Hell (1980)

Burning passions! Ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams! Clothes cramped the style of....
The Naked Temptress (1964)

When you weigh six tons and people call you "killer" - it's hard to make friends....
Namu, The Killer Whale (1966)

Murder and mutilation in the's all in a night's work for Martin!
Nightwatch (1996)

White man....Black man....Every man! To take, to break, to play with any way she wished!
1,000 Convicts And A Woman (1971)

Sheer horror as a living nightmare stalks the ocean floor!
The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues (1956)

You donít have to go to Texas to have a chainsaw massacre!
Pieces (1981)

Unspeakable horrors from outer space paralyze the living and resurrect the dead!
Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)

This one is not a park!
Planet Of The Dinosaurs (1978)

This was the day the universe trembled!
Planet Of The Vampires (1965)

Itís not human, and it's got an axe!
The Prey (1983)

Queen Of Blood (1966)

You are who you eat.
Ravenous (1999)

Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders....and another one in a dish on his desk.
Re-Animator (1985)

A Repo Man is always intense - but only a fool gets killed for a car.
Repo Man (1984)

It's 4 A.M. - do you know where your car is?
Repo Man (1984)

They're back. They're hungry. And they're not vegetarian!
Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

Killer to the left...Killer to the right...Stand up...Sit down...FRIGHT!FRIGHT!FRIGHT!
Return To Horror High (1987)

New and most terrifying Frankenstein....the world's greatest HORRORAMA!!
Revenge Of Frankenstein (1958)

It's love on wheels!
Roller Boogie (1979)

A town of madmen crazed for carnage! Brutal, evil, ghastly beyond belief!
2000 Maniacs (1964)

Hypnotized! Reincarnated as a monster from hell! It CAN and DID happen!
The She Creature (1956)

Riding their men as viciously as they ride their motorcycles!
She-Devils On Wheels (1968)

Guts as hard as the steel of their hogs!
She-Devils On Wheels (1968)

Red lips....thirsting for redder blood! Pale hands....caressing for ghastly love!
Son Of Dracula (1943)

Terror reigns when the giant of the jungles breaks loose!
Son Of Ingagi (1933)

Exclusive's great British thriller - daring! - different! Even greater than "Rocketship"!
Spaceways (1953)

WARNING! "Strait-Jacket" vividly depicts ax murders!
Strait-Jacket (1964)

In Strangloscope!
Stranglers Of Bombay (1960)

The Mob didn't expect Sugar Hill and her ZOMBIE HIT MEN!
Sugar Hill (1974)

Who will survive and what will be left of them?
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

After a decade of silence....the buzz is back!
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Man is the warmest place to hide
The Thing (1982)

See the naked young Franciscans whipped with cactus. See the bandit leader disembowelled. See the priest ride into the sunset with a midget and her newborn baby. What it all means isn't exactly clear, but you won't forget it.
El Topo (1971)

Jack Deth is back...and he's never even been here before!
Trancers (1984)

Look over there! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a rock alien!
Voyage Of The Rock Aliens (1988)

Stop on by, and give the afterlife a try!
Waxwork (1988)

We are going to eat you!
Zombie (1979)

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